Why Support Hobson House?

hobson house was founded to offer a more complete approach to substance abuse recovery. Our goal is to help our residents and the community nurture and grow their respective commitments to both sobriety and the necessary life changes that make their recoveries sustainable.

Our unique program includes the first 90 days at no cost which allows our clients to focus on their sobriety and contributes to their long term recovery.  Hobson House is community based and includes group participation in chores, community service, regular visits to the gym,  three meals a day and transportation to activities.  We also open our facility to the community on Saturday nights for a sober party we call "Fun in Recovery."

Having a focus on doing the right things for recovery versus finances requires contributions from people who want to see those struggling with addictions get the assistance they need to be successful in their recovery.

Below are some of the needs you can contribute towards:

  • $600 per month or $20/day for first 90 days to sponsor a self-admit client

  • $212 to provide clothes for court appointed client

  • $300 to sponsor a "Fun in Recovery" evening

  • Any contribution to cover utilities, salaries, mortgage, supplies, etc.

You can contribute via Credit/Debit card using the "Click to Donate" button below including making recurring payments.  You can send a check to the address above or call us at the phone number above if you would like to donate stock.

Also, please use the button below to set up your Amazon account to make a contribution to Hobson House every time you shop at Amazon.com.  Remember when you shop, you must start at the smile.amazon.com site.

Thanks for considering assisting Hobson House as together we help create a sustainable recovery path for those struggling with addiction.  Please contact us with any questions or stop by to learn more.  Also, please consider passing this on to others you think might be interested.

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