What is Hobson House Inc.?

Hobson House is a 501c3 dedicated to helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Our members reside at Hobson House for one year while engaging in a program of not only recovery but a program addressing all aspects of their lives which need to be improved. This includes educational programs (G.E.D. , vocational, and continuing education), financial programs, and other life skills.

How is Hobson House funded?

Hobson House is a privately funded non-profit. We rely on donations from businesses and individuals who share our passion for helping other to recover. We receive no government funding.

Are your residents court ordered?

No, while many of our residents may be involved in the court system; they cannot be specifically ordered into Hobson House. The only way a candidate can become a resident is thru the admissions board process.

How long is your program?

Hobson House is a one year residential program. Click here to learn more about our program

How many residents are at Hobson House?

Hobson House currently has room for 14 residents with all being housed in double occupancy rooms. The exception to this housing arrangement is our intake room which houses four new residents.


How does someone apply to Hobson House?

To apply, candidates must contact the staff and schedule a pre-admissions screening. If the screening is successful, then an appointment with the admissions board will be scheduled.  The sole criteria for admissions to Hobson House is the sincere desire to recover and the willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal.


Who staffs Hobson House?

Our staff is comprised of alcoholics and addicts with long term sobriety. We have been there. Our director comes to Hobson House after running another local sober living facility. The majority of our staff are volunteers. Services that cannot be provided in-house are made available thru partnerships with local businesses that specialize in filling a need for those in recovery.

How is transportation for residents handled?

Many of our residents are not able to drive so Hobson House provides transport with our own vehicle and a group of volunteer drivers. Residents in the first phase of the program are not able to leave Hobson House without an escort.

How can we help?

Hobson House is privately funded thru donations and in-house revenue streams. We rely on these gifts of funds, services, or time which allows us to provide the necessities required to help our residents become the men they were meant to be. Click here to help us out

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