Admissions is a 2-step process:



  1. The first step involves a preliminary screening conducted by any member of our Facility Management Team.

2. If our staff feels that the candidate is ready to take the necessary steps to complete our program, the candidate will then be scheduled to meet with our admissions board.

  1. The candidate will then be given a pre-admissions tasklist to complete while waiting for the Admissions Board to convene.

  2. Admissions interviews will be scheduled  7-14 days in advance. During these proceedings, individuals seeking residency will have the opportunity to express a sincere desire as to why they wish to commit the next 9-12 months of their lives to the process of recovery and spiritual growth.


Our intake process consists of participants being placed in our designated orientation quarters for a period of up to 10 days. Individuals on Orientation Status or (OS) will undergo an assessment process. Areas of interest will include 1) a basic physical examination; 2) a psychological evaluation, and a long-term goals mapping process. During OS, participants will also be made aware of any rules, policies, and the progressive phase development of our program in regards to their commitment to HHI. A preliminary treatment plan will be drawn up, the goal being, to identify exactly which areas are most relevant to each participant. Each Treatment-Plan will then be signed by the participant and a member of our Facility Management Team.

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