Hobson House was founded in 2016 to offer a more comprehensive recovery solution for men committed to sobriety. Our program adheres to the Big Book and the 12 Step program while adding life enrichment classes designed to improve the life skills of our residents. Additionally, we strive to help develop interests and hobbies in our residents that make it easier to eliminate recreational substance abuse from their lives on a permanent basis. Early on, we introduce community service work as a critical component of each resident's recovery. 

Once admitted, a new resident is not allowed to work for at least 2 months. During this time, they focus exclusively on their recovery and their wellness. This begins with a sincere acknowledgement that they are powerless over the substance(s) that has had such a damaging impact on their lives. Anyone who thinks they simply need to "better manage their habit" is not ready for our program.

Our Team

Greg Goetterman

Executive Director

Greg founded Hobson House because he saw a dire need for a different approach to affordable and sustainable recovery. Greg has borrowed from a few other successful models in creating the program at Hobson House. Greg continues to refine the program while also assisting with the
day-to-day operations

Peter Bobeck

Director of Finance

Peter oversees the house finances and budget and also works with Greg on funding initiatives. 

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